Biakner Camel Festival Calendar

Festival Name : Bikaner Camel Festival
Festvals Dates : - 11 - 12 January 2020
Venue : Bikaner

Camel festival Bikaner is referred to be a festival celebrated annually with a devotion to the camel – a hardy animal devoid of which the desert will found to be incomplete. Being arranged by the Tourism department of Rajasthan, the festival is really a perfect event for people who want to witness the desert state of Rajasthan completely in its colorful glory. Even, the celebrations consist of folk performance given by the local artists.

A brief history of Camel Festival Bikaner:
This annual event is particularly celebrated for Tough animals, which survive in the severe desert conditions. The festival is very important to the populace of Rajasthan as there were not any automobiles found in the early times and then only camels were came as an essential source of transport as well as livelihood in the Rajasthan state. Because of this reason, there is a long relationship exist between Bikaner and camel, since Bikaner is considered to be the one and only inimitable camel breeding region during earlier times. The gentle beasts that have been raised here are even enrolled in the army. Thus, the camel corps is also referred to as Ganga Risala, which have served in Indo-Pak wars and world wars. The army of India still maintains a regiment in which these brave animals are found to be loyally serviced in Border security force.

Celebration of Bikaner Camel Festival:
The festival starts with the parading of beautifully decorated camels, which itself give you a colorful spectacle against the background of Junagarh Fort. Some of the celebration includes camel milking, camel races, fur cutting design, camel acrobatics, the best breed competition and also camel beauty pageants. Traders and craftsmen coming from all over the India will converge on Bikaner in order to get pleasure from the festival and so, there will be a plenty of scope for souvenir shopping, eating and taking a number of great photos to cherish your moments. Apart from the above mentioned celebrations, there are also other festivities including fire dancers, skirt swirling dancers and fireworks that illuminate the fortified desert city. You will surely enjoy the tea, which is prepared from the camel milk together with the snacks.

Highlights of Bikaner Camel Festival:
Although the festival is solely arranged to glorify the ship of the desert – camels, the Rajasthani traditional Folk Dance performance along with music will add a huge charm to this festival. Travelers can enjoy the fantastic displays of camels, which are dressed in traditional necklace, heavy anklet and vibrant bridles, showing off excellent footwork to the golden sandy dunes. In addition, witness the series of camel games, camel race events in association with other cultural performances. About hundreds and even thousands of tourists, travelers and locals are expected to participate in this traditional Indian festival. Without any doubt, they can feel an absolute pleasure within the delightful ambience.

Dates of camel festival Bikaner, 2020:
The Bikaner camel festival is organized on a yearly basis usually in the month of January because of pleasant weather existed during this time. For the upcoming year 2020, the festival is expected to be started on 12th January and concluded on 13th January. Yes, it is a two-day festival.

Major attractions:
The Bikaner camel festival has become one amongst the most colorful and energetic festivals in the country, being made a tiny desert town of Bikaner a compulsory visit place for the tourists. The charming fire dance will also add more glamour to the festival. Their shows and skills are nothing but stunning. Further, there is a soothing sensation you get from the melodious folk music that would surely mesmerize almost all those who hear it completely. When it comes to amazing puppet shows, the colorfully dressed puppet dolls will narrate the fascinating local folklores. The Bikaner camel festival would also give you an excellent opportunity to be indulged into the unique sweat meats made by the camel milk. The local dishes will certainly appetize each and every food lovers. Look out for the stalls present in the markets that offer exquisite jewelry, pottery, handicrafts and rare delights as well.

Things to do in Bikaner:
Bikaner boasts of several activities for its visitors to enjoy. In fact, it is best known to give out the best riding camels in the country. In addition to experiencing a camel safari, Bikaner also allows you do shopping and make a visit to Junagarh fort, Bikaner camel breeding farm, Deshnok Karni Mata Temple and Gajner Palace Bikaner.

• Camel Safari:
Camels, which are generally called as ship of the desert, can able to carry a group of individuals on its back. Right from the starting point to the end, an individual will able to witness the golden sand dunes and several unexplored regions of Bikaner. There will not be any rules available to be followed while safaring. It will surely give you a soothing smile on everyone’s face.

• Shopping:
Bikaner will never fail while surprising you through the unique items present in its markets. Hence, the place would also be named as “Shopper’s Paradise”. The local markets tend to offer several excellent opportunities with the intention to choose products that are made out of camel hide along with clothing, wooden antiques, various art & craft objects and jewelries. Carpets particularly made of woven wool are popular here.

• Visiting Junagarh Fort:
The fort’s courtyard together with balcony, windows and kiosks are ideal examples of artisanship of those days. It is really fascinating to witness the wonderful cutworks as well as dots done on marbles and red stones. The several parts of the palace including Phool Mahal, Badal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Anup Mahal, Dewan-il-khas will refect the magnificent structural design of Bikaner.

How to reach:
Bikaner is located in close proximity to Delhi, Agra, Kolkata and Jaipur, it is accessible by flight, road or even rail from anywhere without any trouble. Nal Airport is found just 13 Km from the west of Bikaner. Moreover, Highways such as NH 11, 15 as well as 89 will link Bikaner with several other major cities of India